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Tote Bags: How To Choose The Best Material For Your Custom Reusable Tote Bag

When it comes to producing your own reusable custom tote bags, you want something that will prominently display your brand or design while also being robust and long-lasting. Designing a tote bag is frequently the easiest part, but deciding on the ideal material and style of tote bag for your business can be difficult. With so many possibilities, it’s critical to understand the distinctions between each material so you can select the finest tote bag for your company’s needs.

But, before we get there, let’s answer one of the most often asked questions: why do I need tote bags?

Tote bags, believe it or not, are an excellent marketing tool. Tote bags are an excellent packing solution for small businesses since clients will leave with something more than a business card to remember your company by. Tote bags can also be utilized for freebies at trade exhibitions or to bundle employee appreciation swag packs. Because tote bags are reusable, your company will gain vital exposure that a throwaway business card or flyer would not provide.

If you’re confident that designing a tote bag for your company is a good idea, we’re here to assist. We’ve broken down the primary materials used to make our tote bags to help you pick which one is best for your company.


Cotton tote bags are a basic and popular personalized bag alternative. Cotton’s smooth texture makes it a great surface for printing logos or graphics on. Cotton tote bags are not only pleasant to wear or carry, but they are also simple to care for – simply wash them with your usual clothing and your cotton bag will be as good as new!

Cotton Totes Have Many Advantages

  • Fiber that is both natural and biodegradable
  • Long-lasting
  • Smooth and pleasant to the touch outside
  • Durable and tear-resistant fabric
  • Washable by machine (it is recommended to air dry to avoid shrinkage)


This is a kind of plastic that is commonly used in the production of reusable tote bags. Most bespoke tote bags made of this material are frequently labeled as “non-woven tote bags.” Non-woven polypropylene bags have a smooth surface that is ideal for printing your brand or design.

The Advantages of Polypropylene Totes

  • Long-lasting and robust
  • Extremely dense fabric
  • Constructed from recyclable materials
  • Woven or non-woven materials are acceptable.
  • Resistant to chemicals


This material is generally constructed of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is also present in plastic drink bottles. This very flexible cloth is thinner in construction, but its lightweight feel makes it excellent for on-the-go errands and carrying or packaging smaller objects.

The Advantages of Polyester Totes

  • It is made of a flexible material that allows it to be easily compacted – fold it into a bag or slip it into your pocket.
  • Water repellent
  • Simple to clean/wash
  • Resistant to wrinkles

Important Takeaways

Custom Reusable Tote Bags are adaptable promotional items that can be used by any company or group. It’s an excellent and low-cost marketing technique for gaining attention and spreading the word about your company. All of the materials described in this article are suitable for imprinting your brand on tote bags. Choosing the proper tote bag is largely dependent on your company’s demands, but no matter which one you choose, your logo or design will be the focus of attention.


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