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Custom Lighting Design: Why The Idea Of Creating Customized Light Fixture Is Appealing

While buying a house, no one exactly pays attention or even notices the light fixtures that are pre-installed there. However, with time when you finally renovate the place to suit your style and requirement, our even making a few additions in your existing interior, design, and placement of lighting fixtures becomes noticeable. This is the time when you either get ready-made light fixtures for your home or probably get customized ones.

Customized light fixtures have their beauty, and they create a more comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in any home. If you are new to the concept of custom light fixtures, you can learn all about it here. Stores like Sofary have many light fixtures that are easy to customize. For instance, their Double C Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Light is customizable as per the client’s needs. Consider checking out their latest collection of customizable light fixtures.

What exactly are custom light fixtures?

Custom light fixtures are lights that are assembled as per the requirement of the buyer. It can include one or multiple requests mentioned below:

  • Small modifications (e.g. adding an extra switch to an existing light fixture, or adding a dimmer to it, etc.)
  • Creating a custom shade for a lamp using the fabric provided by the client
  • Adding or removing lights from an existing light fixture
  • Creating a fixture using the desired material like wood or wrought iron
  • Making a light fixture from the scratch

In simple words, if you have some design in mind you can realize it. All you need is a manufacturer that custom makes light fixtures.

Why go for custom-made lights?

1. You get what you want

If you want to add a truly unique light fixture to your home, custom lights are your best option. Also, if you want that a particular design concept reflects throughout your home, customizing lights will help.

2. You get to create a family heir-loom

Yes, if you plan to forward your property to your kids, your custom-designed light will go to them as well. Your kids will get to proudly own the piece thinking no one else has anything remotely similar to it except them.

3. It can prove to be good for your health

The type of light fixture and decorative items that you put around your house reflect your style. Now, when you have something exclusive, it will make you feel exclusive and thereby improve your mood and the overall atmosphere of your house. You can create a brighter, friendlier, and more welcoming ambiance in your house with the help of lights, just like they do in restaurants and cafes. Well, now isn’t that something that can improve your health?

Things to keep in mind while ordering custom light fixtures:

  • Creating a custom light fixture will take some time, this means you have to be patient.
  • Lead-time varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  • You cannot expect every dealer to provide the options of customizing light fixtures. So, you have to find the ones who do it and do it well.

Lastly, remember that there are professional and experienced custom light designers in the market. Discuss details like the number and brightness of light bulbs with them before placing your order. Also, let them know where you plan to use this light, as they can provide pretty good suggestions and tips.


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